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Music and the guitar has been a constant for me for decades. At 18 I finally purchased my own electric, then a much deeper and stronger bond was forged as I emulated the playing styles of my heroes in Aus Rock legends such as the Young brothers and The Angels, as well as rock bands from abroad in Zeppelin and the Stones. With music always playing in our house growing up, I was nurtured with broad tastes, so a love of the blues, acoustic, country and finger picking styles stayed with me and will never leave. Various garage cover bands ensued, then a big commitment to originals band “The Rites of Sound” followed by acoustic projects, duos and now into a solid 3 piece with TB3.
When the music’s playing, life is good.

Vocals • Lead guitar • Harmonica

Rob Fickling

Drums • Acoustic guitar • Backing vocals

Marty Brown

Music for me became a reality around the age of five, when I was given a hand held transistor radio. Bands such as AC/DC, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones etc provided endless hours of entertainment, and eventually I moved onto Mum’s pots and pans to play along with my favourite songs. From there it was drum lessons, my first ever drum kit from Billy Hyde’s, several half-arsed bands, a few years to teach myself guitar, before finally landing back in the cockpit of my Black Cortex Ludwig drum kit to take my place in the engine room for TB3.

Phillip Michael

Bass guitar • Guitar • Vocals

Phil joined TB3 in mid-2019 and his repertoire, experience, musical ear and professional approach is a huge asset to the band. Phil’s musical journey began in his high school days with his first band ‘Nightride”. Phil wrote his first song in 1978, and since then he has released original music, travelled the world performing and worked extensively through the Melbourne music scene throughout the 90’s until present day. Phil now slots ever so easily into the TB3 engine room, switching between a Fender and a Rickenbacker Bass guitar and adds great depth to the band with his polished voice and vocal harmonies.
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